Training Methods

Everyone is different. This is why we take your individual requirements into consideration and create a training program that corresponds directly to your expectations. I am here to give you helpful advice and help you achieve exactly what you want.

Not everyone likes to train alone. Sometimes, it is helpful to train with a group. My training methods also offer you various options so that you can get exactly what you are looking for.

Individual Programs

The classic training program. You are the client and I am your coach.  We can work one on one to help you reach your goals.  That’s how easy it is. I will commit to helping you achieve your individual goals whether its technique, speed work or a full blown training plan, we will make it happen.  

Group Training

Group training is fun, challenging and very productive. Having others to work with and to push you daily is huge.  Typically, we meet 3 days per week.  These are very structured sessions that incoporate all areas of development as a runner.  This is my most popular training session.  I have various group times available depending on the time of year and the facilities that are available.

Competition Ouside of Alaska

If you are a high school athlete and you want to prepare yourself for the next level then you need to experience a higher level of competition.  We offer trips outside to give our athletes the opportunity to experience a very high level of competition which is invaluable.  There are numerous opportunities for competition.  Typically we train for regional competition in Boise, Idaho once the regualr high school cross country season ends.  We also train in December for an indoor meet in Seattle in February and then again once the regular high school track season ends as we prepare for such meets like the Golden West Invitational in California.  Our Alaskan athletes have performed very well.  We are commited to competing with the best in and outside of Alaska.

1. Current Training Programs: See "Camps"


2.  Adult Training Groups

*Track/Road Racing through the marathon

April -August

Cost: $1500.00($300.00 per month/$25.00 per session)

Includes meeting 2-3 times per week for race specific work, a

detailed training plan and video analysis, plus sport psychology

and race strategies for peak performance.


3.  NXN Regional Race in Boise/Footlocker Training Group

Oct 3rd through November12th or December 3rd if Footlocker

Various locations

Cost: $275.00/$350.00

Includes 2-3 race specific training days, and a detailed training

plan plus race strategies and course breakdown


4.  Individual Training/Technical Analysis Sessions

Cost: Flat $75.00 fee per session

or 10 sessions for $700.00


5.  All Sport Conditioning and Speed Development

We specialize in team conditioning and speed development. 

We focus on technique as it correlates to your specific sport,

especially biomechanics.  

Cost: $1500-$2000.00 per team/per month depending on 2-3 meeting times per week.

We meet 2 times per week/8 sessions per month

We meet 3 times per week/12 sessions per month

Each session is 1.5 hours


6.  Clinics/Consultation

Whether you need help developing a training plan that fits

your program or your own goals OR you want someone to

put on a clinic that emphasizes the ins and outs of training and

racing in Alaska and how to be the most prepared team.  From

training to race strategies, The Alaska Running Academy has you


Consultation Fee:  $100.00 per hour

Clinic/Presentation Fee:  $500.00


7.  Individual Training


A.    High school in season

       track and cross

       country training plan

       through state meet

Cost:  $200.00


A.+    Training Plan Plus

         individualized coaching

         that includes scheduled

         training times

Cost:  $350.00


B.      Adult Training Plan

Cost:  $300.00


B.+   Training Plan PLUS

        individualized coaching

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