What Do You Want to Achieve?

I believe that the best way to achieve success is to set goals. This is why I take the time to put together a clear strategy that will help you reach your full potential.

If you want to be a more efficient, more prepared and ultimately, more improved runner then you need to be incorporating the 3 dimensional approach to training that ARA incorporates.
Based on your goals, I will develop a customized training program that will have you on your way to achieving success. 

Find out more about my areas of specialization. What are you interested in? What do you want to achieve? I am looking forward to working with you to figure out the program that works best for you.

Peak Performance

There are no short cuts to peak performance.  You must employ the "Rule of Specificity".  In short, this means training specifically for running if you want to improve in running. Those who are experiencing the biggest gains are those who are training for their sport year round.  The Alaska Running Academy is commited to developing you for peak performance by offering you year round training opportunities. 

Unique Training Program

This is not one of those canned running programs you see on every corner.  There are no chapters from training books and there are no online recipes.  I have developed my own unique training programs that are proven and very successful.  You may find similarities to other advanced training theories, but they are my own.

The Alaska Running Academy employs the latest, most up to date training practices that are well developed and proven.  What makes our program unique is that we focus on the complete athlete.  There is more to running than just running.  We design our program to address all areas of appropriate development.  Our program will have you working on strength, flexibility, speed, endurance and efficiency.  We employ dynamic acitivities that promote 3-dimensional strength and flexibility.  Another area of emphasis that makes us unique is that we use video analysis as we work diligently on helping you make modifications to your technique that ultimately help you to reduce impact, reduce injuries and to become a more efficient runner.

Simply put, if all you do is run, you will only be moderately prepared.  Lets face it, why put in the time, if you aren't going to make the most of it.  It's not about how much you do;it's all about how you do it.  Quality vs. Quantity Theory.


It is becoming obvious that if we are going to take our performances to the next level we need to train more frequently(year round).  We have done well here in Alaska training seasonally and part-time.  However, if we are going to close the gap on our competitors nationwide we need to train more often and outside of our short seasons.  Over the years, I have spent numerous hours re-structuring my own programs, exploring the latest training trends and meeting with coaches of successful programs in other areas of the United States.  One of the common factors of many of the successful programs is that they are training year round.  Not only that, but they are training the complete athlete.  One of my conclusions is  that training is not simply just about running, but also about three dimensional strength and flexibility work.

Track/cross country and running in general, are no different than other sports where the goal is to increase the level of performance.  Those who desire to be the best that they can be are training year round. We now have the facilities, the science and the resources available that make training year round a reality.



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